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Learn the diving courses' theory at home before enjoying your trip to the El Hierro island.

Learn theory easily, at your own rythm, and come to El Hierro, a positive vibrations island. You'll dive and apply what you've learnd in an ecological diving center, where security and responsible diving are a priority.

For serenity, security and professionalism, be a green shark diver.



The Open Water course provides you with the basics to enter the wonderfull world of scuba diving. It's the first step to being a certified diver.
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Your adventure in professional diving begins with the PADI Divemaster class. With this course, you'll increase all your diving knowledge and technics to reach a professional level. The Divemaster training will increase your underwater leadership and give you a certification to manage diving activities and to help instructors with diving students.
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Make your passion your profession with this Instructor class. From 1680 euros you can turn yourself into a professional diver. The El Hierro Island is the perfect place, far away from big cities and the touristic industry, for a total immersion in your course.
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